Darts Tips – Techniques and Instructions

Darts are simply an art of throwing objects with accuracy and exactness. Anyone can learn it by practice and knowledge regarding dartboard, game tactics, or darts tips and tricks. But, at first, you have to know how to play darts.


How to Play Darts For Beginners

For beginners, darts tips are even more important because professionalism in the darts comes with a lot of practice and hard work. If you are a newbie and want to know how to play darts? then you’re in the right place. I will briefly make you know how to do that! Before throwing a dart, one has to learn how to hold it with precision.

Holding a Dart
Always hold a dart or arrow from the barrel area with three or more fingers. The best way to grip a dart is to hold it with two fingers and a thumb, giving more control and better regulation. After that, the right coordination is also essential to grip a dart perfectly. Make sure that you are not applying too much force or pressure on it. Just believe in yourself and do it with soft hands.

Throwing a Dart
It’s all about your position or level. One thing you can’t change is your height. But you can switch your throwing angle accordingly. The best method to throw a dart is by moving your forearm only. Please don’t move your body; elongate your arm towards the throwing line and release the dart. It is not that simple but can be improved by practice.


How to Choose Darts

Choosing appropriate darts is another thing that will affect your game session directly. If you’re a beginner and have no knowledge of different dart sizes, weights, shapes, etc., I suggest you wait for a year at least. Spend your bucks on equipment after practicing for 10 to 12 months at least. It will help you in better understanding and save your extra money.

Darts Weight
There is a weight scale starting from heaviest towards the lightest darts. The maximum weight on the scale is 50g which is allowed on international standards. I found middle darts, i.e., 26 g, better for entry-level players because they ease the handling. If a player is short heighted, then it is better to choose lightweight darts. Changing the weight should be done in a few grams.

Darts Shape
If you’re a learner, grip a pen or marker like a dart and notice your grip. Think smoothly about what position feels the most relaxed. In general, there are many styles of holding a dart that vary among players. You have to choose the size or shape accordingly. Let me demonstrate it further.

If you grip a dart with two fingers and a thumb closely, then short and stocky barrels are a good choice for you. While, if your grip is not so close, then prefer cylindrical barrels. If you hold a dart from the back, then choose scallop. Players who grip arrows lightly should go for narrow barrels.

It also varies with the moisture level of your hands. Usually, men have naturally dry hands, so in this case, a ghost grip is better. While, if your hands are parched, then choose knurled barrels. On the other hand, women have moisturized hands, so that smooth barrels would work great in this case.


How to get Better at Darts

I am not going to give you professionalism, of course, but some guidelines from my experience help you get better than before. You’ll definitely see a major improvement in your game after learning the following techniques and strategies discussed below. I have divided the techniques into different categories to start from the factor in which you require perfection first.

Factor 1: Physical Aspect
First is the physical parameter, which is broad when it comes to darts. It includes different parts like stance, throwing position, throwing style, grip, follow-through, and more. You have to be proper to improve your game. Just knowing how to do it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to implement it.

Just know that “Practice Makes a Man Perfect.” It builds consistency which results in betterment. Research shows that even if a leading player skips practicing, a gap will result in fallout in the game. It is a factor that is the same for amateurs or professionals. I suggest you keep practicing darts for at least 30 minutes a day. There is no shortcut. You have to invest time, practice, brain, body, and more to become a pro!

Factor 2: Mental Aspect
You all must be wondering what the mental factor is doing here. It is a less touched point in darts discussion, but trust me, it is one of the important aspects. It involves self-confidence, control, concentration, anger control, stress management, and more. My experience taught me that playing darts needs your prior attention before anything else. You have to cancel all the external noise and deliver concentration to your game.

You can improve it by building self-confidence and self-motivation. Try to be encouraging and positive throughout the game. This gives you an internal enthusiasm and motivation to play a game like an expert. You can also seek a psychologist for mental training to progress your mental health.

Factor 3: Gear or Equipment in Darts
Darts’ equipment comes in various shapes, weights, textures, and sizes. These variations can affect your game in both good or bad terms. Mainly, weight, weight distribution, and grip shapes are important things that need consideration. That’s why you have to address what kind of gear is best-suited to drive better.

Factor 4: Darts Strategy
The fourth factor which needs to be noticed is strategy or technique. Of course, every player has its own tactics, angles, positions, or movements that affect the overall game differently. The common thing is that every player wants to get a better score than the opponent to win the game.

It is possible to improve the strategy or even change it. It is always a good idea to learn your approach first and then scroll down the list of strategies being used in dart board game. Also, adopt a strategy as per your level. For instance, if you are a beginner, you have to practice an easy technique, while if you’re an expert, go for some advanced strategies and so on.



Are heavier darts better?
You can say that heavy darts are better than lightweight darts. It depends on different factors like the height of a player, style of throwing darts, etc. Heavier darts are better for beginners than lighter darts. If you are short heighted, then go for lighter darts.

How many darts do you play with?
You can play with three Darts. Each player has three arrows which are flighted from the throw line. In three turns, you have to try your best to make the score.

Why do my darts wobble?
Hanging a dartboard is another job to do! If your board starts wobbling or leaning, then it most probably means that screws are loose. Tight the screws with a screwdriver if you have metal equipment; otherwise, use a hammer.


Final Thoughts

With the above information and darts tips, you’ll get to know all your answers regarding how to play darts, how to choose darts, or how to get better at darts! Make sure to learn precisely and keep adopting the techniques to improve your game. In the end, I have to say that you have to run on three corners of a triangle to become a dart expert in the future: practice, learning, and interest!