Darts Rules – Learn How to Play Darts

Darts Rules

Game of darts is a popular game, but it might get confusing sometimes because of darts rules. If you feel mixing up between the darts scoring rules, here is a complete guide for you. Darts rules are defined by the Professional Darts Corporation, which can be applied to the game when there is confusion or doubt. Players usually confuse between 301 and 501 versions.

501 is a standard version of dartboard that is played widely. Dartboard comes in different shapes and sizes, but the darts rules are the same for each size. In this review, I will discuss general to specific game rules that will help you quickly understand this game. At the end of this article, you will gain enough knowledge about this game, so gather some friends and impress them with your understanding of dartboard game playing rules.


Main Rules of Darts

General Rules

Dartboard comes in many different shapes and sizes, but each dartboard has the same scoring no matter what shape and size it has. The dartboard is divided into a bullseye and 20 number segments. The scoring area for each numbered segment has three regions: two single, one triple, and one double. There are numbers allocated to a bullseye. The outer ring of the bullseye is known as a single bull with 25 points, whereas the inner circle has 50 points and is called a double bull.

If I talk about the height of the dartboard and the distance of players, you must hang the dartboard in the center with 68 inches high above the ground. The length of the player from the dartboard must be 93 ½ inches. To select the first player, each player throws one dart at the bullseye. The player closest to the dart wins and begins the game. You can change the way of selecting a first player by using toss or coin.

With each turn, every player throws three darts. Each dart that hits the dartboard will receive a score. The dart that falls off or bounces out of the dartboard will have no score. The score of each dart is compared with the total score of three darts. Furthermore, you will not receive a score if the dart sticks in another dart.


Specific Darts Game Rules

1. 301 Rules

The darts have some popular games. 501 and 301 are the simplest games that players prefer to play. In the 301 games, there are two players, or you can also play with two teams. You can dart on any number, but numbers 19 and 20 will quickly reduce your score to zero. You will be given 301 points in the 301 version, and your task is to reduce the points to zero. Whatever point you score will be subtracted from your total points, the more you can reach zero quickly. Your winning chances will be more.

2. 501 Rules

The rules are the same for 501 games like 301. You will be given 501 points, and your goal will be to reach zero quickly. The score of the darts will be deducted from your total points. The player who reaches zero first will win the game. It is important to note that you will hit the exact number to get zero. For example, your remaining score is 15 and your throw a dart at 20, the score will not count, and it will remain 15 until a successful hit.

3. Round The Board

Two players are required to play this game. In this game, the player’s goal is to hit between numbers from 1 to 20 in a sequence. Each throw should be hit to increase the previous score. You can hit single, double, or triple. Each player will throw three darts, and then the dart goes to another player. The player who quickly scores 20 is a winner.

4. Killer

In this game, two players are required, but you can increase the number of players for the more exciting game. The players randomly select the number in a play. The task is to throw a dart with your opposite hand to get a score. If the dart sticks to another dart or misses the board, you will receive no score. Each time, a player has to throw a dart to get double the number he has selected.

This move is known as a killer, and the letter “k” is placed on the scoreboard next to the player’s name. The opponent’s task is to double the score from a killer. The player will lose their life if the killer scores more than him. The player who scores more than other players and is standing with life will be considered the winner. In this game, each player is given three lives.

5. Cricket

You can play this game with two players or two teams. In this game, all numbers are in play, but a score of 40 is needed to win the game. You can also score 20, which is fine as well. In cricket, 10 points are marked on the scoreboard. These points are referred to as wickets. Same as cricket, in this game, one will be a batsman, and the other will be a bowler. The first player in the game is the batsman.

If you are a bowler, your goal is to hit the bullseye to remove the wickets one by one. The hit you throw at a bullseye will erase one wicket. The batsman’s task is to score as much as he can while wickets in hand. A score of more than 40 will be counted as a run. For example, if you score 36, you will receive no score. If you score 47, you will receive 5 points.

The game continues till the bowler takes all the wickets. The score of the batsman is recorded, and the roles are swiped. The bowler will now be a batsman, and the batsman will be a bowler. The game continues. The player with a high score or run as a batsman wins the game.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the points on the dartboard?
On the dartboard, there are 20 number segments drawn. Each part is divided into four scoring points. The darts scoring points are two single, one double, and one triple. The outer ring of a bullseye has a single bull with 25 points, whereas the inner ring is known as a double bull and will be scored as 50. The more points a player scores, the more will be the chances of a win.

What are the scoring rules for the 501 games?
In the 501 version of the dartboard, you will be given a total of 501 points. Your goal will be to reduce this score to reach zero. The player who reaches zero first will be considered a winner. Each player has three turns to throw a dart. The score of each dart will be deducted from the player’s point. A score over zero will not be considered, and the player has to throw a dart successfully to get precisely zero.

What is the general rule to select the first player?
In dartboard, the player is selected by giving each player one dart. Each player will throw the dart one by one. The player whose dart is closest to the bullseye will win and be considered the game’s first player. The criteria of selecting a dartboard first player can be changed depending upon the player’s choice. The above-discussed rule is a standard rule described by professional Darts Corporation, but you can use a coin or a toss for selection.



We usually see dartboard tournaments and enjoy the game. But we can get confused sometimes with the scoring dartboard rules while watching a game. So here is a review that will help you know about the scoring criteria of different games on the dartboard. There is a comprehensive option of games, but I have discussed a few popular games on the dartboard.