Darts History

Darts History

Darts is a famous throwing sport, widely played in London. It has a unique recognition because of its connection with the history of the city. Justin Irwin, the author of “Murder on the Darts Board,” states that the darts’ preceding game will be played before sport’s hundredth birthday. But we have to start from the very beginning of this game, so who created it?


Complete History Of Darts Game

Who invented Darts?

Darts game, which are being played these days, was designed by Brian Gamlin, a carpenter, in the late 1890s. However, antiquity goes much further than this. Darts originated from the primitive era in the 14th century in England. It all started a very long time ago, about 700 years back. Many stories are written on that, but it started from the medieval era considering the facts.

Primary Days of Darts

The first acceptable fact related to Dart’s history is that it started in England during the primitive era in the late 1300s. Secondly, it was initiated as an armed pursuit. It was played as a practice to improve the throwing skills of military soldiers. So, darts history passed all through encounters and boundaries.

With time, the practice turned into a competition and became a game. Soldiers proved their skills by hitting near or onto the target. It was played using wine casks and tree trunks. At that point, the sections were made on the tree trunk to demonstrate the competitor’s skills. There are growth rings on tree trunks which are the basis of today’s dart structure.

London Pub’s

There is no doubt that the structure and darts rules developed and changed over the years. The game has also progressed in popularity around the globe. It is a simple game with basic rules. There is no complicated structure, system, or tools. You have to throw a dart near or onto the goal to win. Its simplified form is one of the reasons behind its spread around the isle of Britain.

The game became more famous in England when King Henry VIII played it. It turned into a trend that other nobles should follow as well. The nobles used to play it using small darts as compared to that of soldiers.

This is how changes and modifications are being developed in the game. In the 19th century, the distribution of different games took place. At that time, the darts had no common word, structure, or rules. There was no darts scoring system and no standards.

But, after the game gained its popularity, a wave of innovation and emergence came. It was the first time when darts developed the numbering arrangement into it. According to facts, Brain Gamlin introduced the numbering system in Darts. It was an impactful development in darts, which resulted in its eventual popularity afterward.

The Twentieth Century Darts History

Here comes a controversial phase in the darts history. The records claimed that an owner of a pub in Leeds went to court to give the customers permission to play darts at the launch. The primary foundation of the argument was that this game is based on luck or chance only, which was illegal at that time. The pub owner stands in the court, and Annakin, a famous Dart player, with his argument. But somehow, the case got dismissed.

Later, the game gained popularity day by day. In the 1930s, it became famous in England, including the breweries or Welsh pubs. The reason behind its popularity was that it only needed good darts and a dart board. You have to set a good cabinet, and you’re done.

In the 1920s, the championships started. In 1924, the Nation Darts Association (NDA) was established. After that, in 1939, millions of contestants applied for the yearly World Championship. Surprisingly, it was the biggest platform for Dart’s growth and recognition.

This is not the end! After World War II, Darts gained fame as crowds played it. The military force, Navy, Air Force, and other troops issued Darts in sports. After World War II, its recognition entered the land of America. American soldiers first adopted it, and then it transferred to civilians in their homeland.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Darts got further acceptance nationally through the National Darts Association of Great Britain. In the early 1970s, news of the World’s individual Darts Championship was announced. In the late 1980s, Lees, Lazarenko, or Wilson, like names (champions), became the subject of the dinner table.

Modern Day Darts

In 1992, the noteworthy riven occurred when numerous prominent players highlighted some rules of the game. The split became the basis of the International Darts council, known as Professional Darts Corporation. These organizations have done a great job in integrating the Darts into a practical or functional sport.


Frequently Asked Questions

What country did darts originate from?
Darts originated from the United Kingdom in the 1860s. Soldiers and military people originally played it. But, after World War II, it has been played internationally.

Are darts called arrows?
Arrow is an alternative word for “Darts,” which is commonly used in the United Kingdom. The darts are also called Aces in various regions of the world. And, the board used in the game is Darts Board.

What are the best darts to buy?
The Whimlets Brass Darts is the best professional Darts. But it is quite expensive. In our opinion, CyeeLife Steel Darts is the cheaper option in the market.



There is no doubt that Darts has covered a real long way to its success, development, and fame. Now Darts has incredible fame and admiration around the world. It is played in tournaments that are broadcasted live with million-dollar sponsorships and campaigns. People around the globe are crazy about it. The known “British Darts organization” collaborates with more than seventy countries, and millions of players love this sport. But only few like you may have darts history knowledge.