5 Best Soft Tip Dart Boards

Best Soft Tip Dart Boards

Are you looking forward to making the proper gaming area in your home with all of your favorite games in it, specifically the dart game? Or in search of getting the dartboard for the practice of your final tournament? No doubt it has been in a trend nowadays that almost every gamer and player makes an area in their home with all of their favorite games in it.

Since I was a student and always took part in the games, I have never noticed any college player visiting the academy or grounds for the practice session. All they do is get the best and necessary gaming equipment they need for practicing and practice on their own at home. This not only makes it easier for the gamer to practice but also convenient to take off during practice.

Similarly, to make the search easy for you, I have reviewed the five topmost dart games for the dart gamers to get them and practice at their home without investing their time and money in academies and grounds. Make sure to read all the details to get all the knowledge related to dartboards so you would be able to select the best one for you.


List of 5 Best Soft Tip Dart Board

Here is the list of the five best soft tip dartboards that are efficient and trustworthy for playing at the Pro and beginners levels.

1 Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard – Top Rated Soft Tip Dart

Viper 777 electronic dartboard is the topmost prioritized dartboard in our list, with the availability of 43 inbuilt games and 320 options available for having different variations. The dartboard is renowned for its super durable and robust construction in 15.5 extensive target areas. There is the possibility of up to eight players play on the individual level of gaming.

This Viper 777 Electronic Board consists of an LCD which has inbuilt backlit options to make it more clear and visible for players. It is convenient to see the scoring board even in dim lights. Moreover, this LCD also shows the dual player’s scores at the same time. Viper 777 is renowned for its durability and long-lasting characteristics, which come from Resin layers.

This Viper 777 electronic dartboard also manages the records of how many players you are playing with. Similarly, at what level are you, and whose turn is the next. In this way, you would be able to track all of your doings and games without the hurdles of manually writing them.

Furthermore, there are ten buttons available to make amendments and change settings according to our needs. It also consists of multiple languages, Spanish and English, for you to select the language which you understand the most. This comes with a beautiful color scheme which makes it more attractive for the users.

  • Backlit LCD
  • Dual languages
  • 43 inbuilt games
  • The battery is not efficient

This is the topmost prioritized dartboard in our list, which comes at an affordable price with all the necessary characteristics we demand. Forty-three inbuilt games with 320 variable options are available for you to get the desired game. Moreover, it has ten buttons to let you choose different modes for more efficiency.


2 Fat Cat 727 Dartboards – Professional Soft Tip Dart

Fat Cat 727 Dartboard Review

This is an All-in-One product that gives you every necessary specification you demand in your dartboard. The 13.5 inches size of this dartboard comes with its own solid and rigid dartboard cabinet, which provides us with its storage capacity. The storage cabinet gives us the efficiency of mounting the dartboard on the wall when it is not in use. This enhances the durability of the product because it is carefully positioned when not in use.

Moreover, this board comes with 33 inbuilt programs on computers like various games, including darts and cricket, for endless hours of fun.180 different levels are available for Pro players to make them more efficient and challenging gamers with advanced playing techniques.

These two modes are available for the players to play a game with other individual players or play a game with the computer itself. Up to 8 players can simply play at a time on this single Fat Cat 727 Dartboards. There is an efficient, bright light LCD to let you see your scores and track your progress.

Thirteen scoring partitions are made with polymers to make the overall board super durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, 11 silver color buttons are located just beneath the LCD to help you decide what game and which type of game you want to play with a simple click. You will get six extra tips, an adaptor, and a simple to learn instructions manual with this Fat Cat 727 Dartboards.

  • LCD
  • 33 inbuilt programs
  • Built-in Storing cabinet
  • Expensive

The Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dart Board comes with efficient characteristics to give you professional and challenging gameplay. Moreover, you can easily play with eight other players with built-in 33 gaming options available with 180 different levels.


3 Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dart Boards – Pro Soft Tip Dart

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Soft Tip DartBoard Review

If you search for an affordable and efficient dartboard, I will suggest you buy Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dart Boards. Any Pro player who is a fun lover should have this at his home. The 15.5 inches shot area provides you a more extensive and broader space for experiencing professional playing at home.

Dart tips will not bounce out because of the presence of dividers that are constructed in micro size for the segments to make them apart from each other. Let’s arrange a dart tournament at your home with this Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Soft Tip Dart Boards.

Go with seven cricket games to make your game super entertaining with the availability of varieties. The dartboard is composed of Nylon segments to make it ultra-smooth and highly durable for long-lasting use. There are many different modes available in the dart to make selections according to your ease and comfortability.

You can go with Sleep mode, independent play, volume control, and many other modes to have multiple experiences. The product also comes with a one-year-long warranty. This Arachnid Cricket Pro is the ultimate fun and adventure with 40 inbuilt games and 179 modifications and variations. The scoreboard is large and wonderful to let every player watch the progress simultaneously.

  • The grip of the dart is strong
  • 40 inbuilt games
  • Large-sized scoring board
  • Dart flights are not durable

This dartboard comes with 40 inbuilt games to make every player’s experience super-efficient and adventurous in his gaming. It has a large scoring board with many different specifications like sleep control, reset control, volume mode, and many others to make you enjoy advanced-level playing at home.


4 Win.Max LCD low budget soft tip Dartboard

WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board Review

This 16.5 inches extensive dartboard is the most demanded and highly famous in the market. No matter whether you are placing this dartboard in a professional environment or your home gaming area, in both cases, you will experience highly skilled gaming adventures.

There is the availability of 21 pre-installed gaming varieties. These 21 games come with 65 modifications and variations to let you choose your favorite one and select according to your taste. The spider is made with Ultra-thin construction to reduce the bounce-out experience during your games.

No matter what product Winmax makes, the quality of the product is always efficient and highly reliable when it comes under the name of this brand. The LCD located in the dartboard helps you manage and record your scores when playing, so you are not required to stop to write the scoring list manually. Moreover, this LCD can also track the scores of teams during team play.

There is this possibility of 4 players that can play the game at a time in individual plays. Whereas, you can play the game in a team with eight individuals and making four pairs with two individuals in total. The LCD contains the voice announcer, making you feel like playing in an authentic gaming atmosphere.

  • LCD
  • Best scoring system
  • Numerous games
  • Not very qualitative darts

The Win.Max LCD low-budget soft tip Dartboards is a dartboard game with 65 variations available for a professional gaming experience. I recommend you buy this dartboard if you are looking for an efficient LCD and structured scoring system feature.


5 INNOCHEER Safety Darts and Dart Board Set

INNOCHEER Safety Darts Review

INNOCHEER Safety Darts and Dart Board Set is highly affordable and perfect for beginners. I suggest you buy this dartboard if you are starting your gaming experience and looking forward to being a pro player. The INNOCHEER is super strong and more extensive when it comes to the comparison of other dartboards in this list.

Although the segments are made of plastic, it does not affect the durability and strength of the board. The board is affordable in range and lasts longer than usual. This dartboard consists of nine soft darts and is suitable for people from all age groups.

This 16 inches dartboard also consists of dual methods of installing. You can install it either with metal brackets on the tabletop or mount it directly on the walls. This is the only dartboard in the list which is suitable not only for professional players but also beginners, teenagers, and children.

Moreover, it is excellent from a safety point of view because of the softness in the dartboard tips. The dartboard looks beautiful and can be set up in your home, office, or other gaming environments. Furthermore, when you purchase a dartboard, it comes with six extra soft tip darts.

  • Affordable
  • Soft tipped darts
  • Not electronic

Although this dartboard is not electronic, it contains all the necessary features you need in dart playing. If you are in search of a non-electrical dartboard, I will recommend you to buy this. The INNOCHEER is perfect for beginners and professional players. It comes with six soft tip darts and is highly recommended from a safety point of view specifically for children’s use.



Are heavier or lighter dartboards better?
The selection of weight of the dartboard depends on your throwing strength. If you are a forceful thrower, you should select the lightweight dartboard. Whereas for smooth and relaxed throwing action, you should go with heavyweight dartboards.

Why do my soft tip darts bounce out?
The main reason for bouncing out of the dart tips does not have very sharp darts. Ensure to get a sharp dart to make it stick as soon as it touches the board. Moreover, you can get a sharpening stone if your darts are not very sharp enough.

Are soft dart tips any good?
From a safety point of view, dart tips are best, specifically when getting them for children. Moreover, they use the chances of getting injured. These soft dart tips are perfect for digital dartboards.



Many different brands make different dartboards which consist of variable specifications and characteristics. The dartboard comes with a variety of features that are useful not only in playing the games but also helpful in maintaining the scoring system and long record. We have collected the five topmost dartboards, which consist of four electronic and one not electronic dartboard, to help you select your desired one.

Moreover, in the description of each dartboard, we have mentioned the advantages and disadvantages of both. Make sure to look for all the details and read them carefully before purchasing the one for you. Go with the selection of the best product for you so you would not be regretting later on.

As a reviewer, I will suggest you buy:

  • Viper 777 Electronic Dartboard because of its 43 inbuilt games and 370 variable options. Moreover, it contains 15.5 inches large extensive area and LCD, which is a backlit LCD to help you lit the board.
  • Fat Cat 727 Dart Boards as this provides the players 33 inbuilt games for adventures gameplay. There are 11 buttons and LCD to make sure you can view the scores while playing, and you do not have to write them manually.
  • Win.Max LCD low budget soft tip Dartboard as this is a 16.5 inches large dartboard that contains 21 inbuilt games and the availability of 65 modifications. Moreover, it is renowned for its efficient scoring system.

Choice Is Yours.